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Last Date To Get Your Blankets For Christmas

Last Date To Get Your Blankets For Christmas

The 6th of December is the last day you can order your Christmas presents at Granny's Bottom Drawer and be sure to receive them in time to get them under the tree. 

The website for Granny's has gone quiet as Clodagh's energies have stayed really focused on what she does best: Shopkeeping. As so many have discovered to their surprise and delight, there are few more interesting, better informed or just more pleasant people around in Ireland than Clodagh. She's hands-on, person-to-person and a mine of valuable information on her fine Irish products. Also on where to eat and drink in town, where to go on your trip out West, what not to miss, what to miss and so on. That's where her first love is and the intangible, impersonal internet selling?...not so much.

But what we always have in stock and what we're really promoting here are our Foxford blankets. Ultra warm, stylish and soft as, well, soft as cashmere and fine marino wool, the Foxfords make an ideal Christmas present. (And they don't have to be presents, shhhh). 


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