Shine Scented Candle

Shine Scented Candle


Fresh and zingy, grapefruit. The thing about grapefruit is that it can be a little too sharp and citrusy and disappear in a nanosecond. What we wanted was to create was the beautiful clean, zesty note that grapefruit can offer if you get it right, but we needed to add some extra notes to make it hang around awhile. So, let us introduce you to armoise - a fabulous essential oil reportedly widely used by witches in medieval times to conjure up vivid dreams and time travel and used by Culpeper as a cure for baldness. As part of our Shine fragrance it helps add some substance and depth whilst allowing the perfume to remain clean, bright - and shiny.
Ingredients: Armoise, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin with woody florals, rich Amber and warm Musks.
Height 97mm Diameter 104mm.
Burn time approximately 80 hours.