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Beautify your house with old plastic

Beautify your house with old plastic

There's recycling, there's upcycling and then there's Weavergreen. Their products are so extraordinary that it could be they're starting a revolution.

The scourge of the modern age - discarded plastic bottles - is the only material this company uses. From this they have found a way (it took seven years) to weave soft, super convenient and beautiful rugs, cushions and bags.


Probably the most remarkable thing is how soft the products are to the touch. They feel as soft as wool and our brains keep saying 'but this is supposed to be all plastic'. It is. And because of that the properties are a wish-list of convenience: machine washable; stain resistant (red wine just washes out); fade resistant, very hard wearing and immune to moth attack and mites (nothing to eat).

To top it off, the designs are simply beautiful enough to be chosen regardless of any ethical or practical reasons. One of the partners has a long time love of antique textiles and this comes through in lovely echoes of Scandinavian, African and Eastern design. The whole range looks perfectly timeless.

Clodagh met the partners at the Dublin trade show and cemented her determination to stock as much of their wares as she could.

As a side note, Kinsale has just started a drive to try to be as plastic-free as possible. There is a facebook page and website (Plastic Free Kinsale). In a way we at Granny's Bottom Drawer are bringing in more plastic! But it might just be the start of a way to seriously reduce the ocean of plastic rubbish in the world.

Oct 24, 2019


Oct 24, 2019


Sep 14, 2019


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Margarito De Groot
Mar 16, 2019

Clodagh M did I meet you in Port Townsend Washington and are you friends with Allen also of Ireland? If so, I am planning a visit to Ireland this May 2019 and will drop in your shop as it appears wonderful.Kathleen K


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