About Us

Granny’s Bottom Drawer opened its doors for the first time in May 1993, the day President Mary Robinson passed down Main Street on an official visit. The shop has been open just about every day since then and Clodagh has become, in many people’s eyes, the unofficial mayor of Main Street.

Always focused on the finest that Ireland has to offer, the shop initially stocked superior linen, lace, damask and cotton pieces, the very heirlooms you might find in granny’s bottom drawer. Evolving over the decades, sourcing textiles and furniture, you now feel a whole lifestyle when you step into the shop. 

The one constant has been Clodagh’s eye, her pursuit of quality, of craftsmanship, her sensitivity to colour and texture and her ability to bring it all together for a shopping experience. For the full experience, plan a trip to Kinsale to see everything we have sourced and collected and meet up with Clodagh and the team for a laugh and a conversation that can last a lifetime.

The online shop opened in the Autumn of 2017. If you wish to get in touch to encourage us, guide us or admonish us, this is how:

Email: shop@grannysbottomdrawer.com 

Phone: +353 (0)214774839

Address: Granny’s Bottom Drawer, 53 Main Street, Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.