Come Here Till I Tell You

First Post

First Post

The World Wide Web may have been created in 1989 at CERN, the year the Berlin wall came down. And the first blog may have been posted in 1994, the year Tom Hanks won an Oscar for Forrest Gump. But we in the Wesht don't like to rush at things.

After twenty years of selling solely from our shop on Main Street, Kinsale we are ready to sell to the world. After twenty years of laughing and discussing with our customers, friends and fans, we are able to keep in touch now after you have said goodbye.

Just as it is when you start up, there's not so much to see right now. It will take a little while to get the store fully stocked, the bells and whistles in place and the technology humming. But we're delighted to be here and please do come along for the journey. Jump in the back and see what Ireland has to offer.

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