No need to panic - ''Granny's'' here for you!

To all our gorgeous friends, this second LD (don't even want to mutter the words!) is a struggle for everyone but please do not stress about Christmas shopping. This is one area in which we can help!

Rest assure that all of us here at Granny's Bottom Drawer will do everything we can to continue giving you the gifts you need for family and loved ones. 

We will be switching up our window display every few days so if you're walking past, please have a look in. We will also be taking pictures and uploading them to our social media accounts so everyone will be able to window shop, be that physically or virtually! 

Please check out our website at where we will be adding new items every day. We are new to the internet game so please bare with us!  

Through our website, we are offering nationwide delivery, free local delivery (within a 5km radius) and you can also avail of curbside pickup if you are in the area. And to all our American friends/those in far away places, we are thrilled to still offer worldwide delivery! 

If you do not see what you like online, do not hesitate to contact us on Instagram or Facebook - Myself and Patricia will be handling all social media queries and will be happy to help you with whatever questions you may have. Bare in mind we've been known to call it "Bookface..." So, patience people!! 

Alternatively, give us a call on 021 477 4839 for a chat or email us at 

We can't wait to see you all again in five weeks time... fingers crossed!

Keep safe!
From all of us here at Granny's Bottom Drawer <3 :)

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  • Wow I love this post, so personal, you guys are the bomb


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