The Báinín Rug - Yellow
The Báinín Rug - Yellow

The Báinín Rug - Yellow

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The Báinín Rug incorporated in traditional Aran Hand Knitting have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations.  These knitting designs symbolise the daily life of the islanders, their remove surroundings and their religious beliefs.  Each garment incorporates stitches representing age old Irish traditions and culture.

HAND MADE - to last a lifetime

Size 42.5 x 60 inch (108 x 152mm)

Cable Stitch represents fishing ropes

Plaited Cable Stitch evokes the powerful imagery of the interweaving of family life

Moss Stitches represent the rich and abundant growth of the mossy soil

Diamond Stitches signify the shape of the fishing net mesh, a symbol of wealth and success

Honeycomb Stitches represent the rewards of a good life

Trinity Stitches represent ancient and religious beliefs

Blackberry Stitches have religious and natural connotations

The Báinín Rug can be made to measure any room or size